Residents say bear sightings on the rise in Suffolk

they are just hungry bears,………lol………..they are looking for a fish filet .


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SUFFOLK, Va. (WAVY) — There are unwelcome guests showing up in Suffolk neighborhoods.

All week, has been receiving calls and emails from people spotting black bears. One woman even said her neighbor came home and couldn’t get out of her car because a bear had parked itself in her driveway. So we went out to Suffolk Thursday to talk to people about what’s been going on.

For those who haven’t seen the bears firsthand, they say the signs of their presence are pretty clear.IMG_9821-1-1

“The other day the trash cans were knocked over, and I was telling my wife ‘ain’t nothing did that, but a bear,’” said James Daughtery. “I know the people over there said a bear was over there, some people saw him.”

“When I was leaving, I noticed my neighbor’s trash cans were still up,” said Charles Diggs. “We were only gone like 10 minutes…

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